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Our Prayer Collection will help you feel more peaceful and grounded.To a spiritual life the reading of holy books is perhaps not less useful than mental prayer. Spiritual fathers say reading instructs us at once in prayer, and in the practice of virtue.

Hence he concluded that spiritual reading and prayer are the arms by which hell is conquered and paradise won.

We cannot always have access to a spiritual Father for counsel in our actions, and particularly in our doubts; but reading will abundantly supply his place by giving us lights and directions to escape the illusions of the devil and of our own self-love, and at the same time to submit to the divine will


Did Your Know?

Join our Community in Praying for the Needy!There is a spiritual world that is parallel to and just as real as the physical world we live in.

While this may overwhelm or even frighten some it is a Biblical truth. There are countless verses in the Bible that make reference to this fact. Ephesians chapter 6, verse 12 is a prime example. We should only be concerned with things that can be proven Biblically, not fables.

We know how frustrating it can be, trying to find the right words or prayers to show your true devotion to God, or express your love and kindness for others... but not any more

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  • The Power To Change Your Life Lies In Prayer

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Are you in need of prayer from a loving and understanding community? You have come to the right place. Go to our Prayer Board and instantly list the prayer you would like our community to say for you.

If you are feeling generous, perhaps you could spend a moment and pray for someone who really needs your plea to God in their hour of need.


Join our Prayer Board and pray for someone in need.